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Silky Smooth Blowdry

Why you should have a keratin treatment

Silky Smooth Blowdry

Are you looking for the perfect silky, shiny blowdry? Well you have come to the right place! Our go to products to achieve a silky blowdry are the RE:UNITE Silky:Smooth system.

The range includes three products Silky Smooth Active Wash, Silky Smooth Hydrating Complex and Silky Smooth Heat Activator. To achieve  the best results you must use all three of these products.

It’s as easy as three steps:

Step 1: Cleanse

Start off with shampooing your hair twice thoroughly, this shampoo will gently cleanse, reset and rebalance the hair and scalp. It delivers a heat activated polymer that helps create a protective shield that locks moisture in and keeps humidity out

Step 2: Condition

This deep penetrating conditioner moisturises and strengthens hair, it also delivers a heat activatedpolymer that helps create a protective shield that repels humidity and fights frizz

Step 3: Activate

After washing your hair you will need to apply this heat activating spray. After applying the spray make sure to lock it in by blow-drying as heat will activate the spray. This leave in spray works to deliver a powerful heat activated polymer that provides an invisible barrier around the cuticle that seals in moisture and nutrients while locking out frizz caused by humidity. The spray is also safe to apply on hair extensions and to add on after chemical services to help lock in colour, repair damage and seal the cuticle.

The results of this trio will have your hair looking smooth and shiny hair that lasts for days, even after a few washes. To ensure the products are all activated you MUST apply heat after completing all three steps, make sure to blowdry your hair thoroughly.

Book an appointment with us today to try out this service or purchase the range and try it out yourself!

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Fixing your curl pattern

Fixing your damaged curl pattern

Fixing your damaged curl pattern

Each curl pattern comes with its unique set of challenges and rewards, requiring different hair care routines and styling techniques. Understanding and appreciating the intricacies of natural curls can lead to healthier, more manageable hair, allowing individuals to showcase their curls with confidence and pride.

Lets dive into the world of curl transformation and discover how to bring out the best in your hairs natural texture.

How to fix your damaged curl patternHow to know if your curl pattern is damaged

You will know your curl pattern is damaged and needs a little love when you realise you have sections of your hair that are straight and do not change no matter how hard you scrunch, DO NOT PANIC!

What if my hair is not repairable?

If your hair is far too damaged and not repairable through the use of the right products then you will need to cut your hair often until your curls grow back to their natural state. However, this does not mean you will need to cut all your hair off! Hair growth takes time and you will be required to come into the salon for frequent cuts until the curls have grown to your desired length.

Things to remember:

  • Minimise heat styling
  • Make sure to deep condition
  • Do not towel dry by rubbing, scrunch the hair lightly in the towel
  • Slow dry your hair, this retains moisture
  • Make sure to use heat protectin
  • Wash your hair with conditioner instead of shampoo daily
  • Chemical use and heat styling can damage your curl pattern
  • Sometimes hair isn’t repairable and you will need to cut your hair to repair

Your hair washing routine

Start by using a sulphate free shampoo, such as UNITE BOING Curl Shampoo and shampoo your hair twice to get rid of any oil or product build up, squeeze out the excess water after rinsing the shampoo and apply UNITE BOING Conditioner from roots to ends.

UNITE BOING Conditioner

This conditioner is packed with plant extracts and oils such as coconut, chamomile, calendula, rosemary, aloe vera and more, its formula pentrates into the hair shaft and locks in moisture for strong frizz free curls.


This shampoo gently cleanses curls without stripping them of their natural oils, it is the perfect hydrating shampoo for curls as it is made of plant sourced vitamins and proteins to replenish, strengthen and  protect.

Drying your curls the correct way

Do not towel dry your hair as it will cause the curls to become frizzy and can even cause breakage, either diffuse your hair or use a microfibre towel or cotton t-shirt, these materials are not as harsh.

YS Park Diffuser

Using a diffuser helps retain natural moisture whilst air drying, the mesh will retain the heat, allowing you to manage the heat into a softer manageable heat whilst drying. This diffuser will fit onto any hair dryer all you want to do is apply heat protection and a leave in conditioner to your hair, turn your hair upside down and begin to diffuse the hair until almost dry.


Deep Conditioning

If you have curly hair deep conditioning is a MUST! Make sure to use a professional mask rather than something from the super market as it will not work as well. Our favourite deep conditioning products for curls at Access Hair are:

  • UNITE BOING Defining Curl Cream
  • UNITE BOING Moisture Curl Cream


UNITE BOING Defining curl cream will moisturise, define and hold curls in place while eliminating unwanted frizz.

UNITE BOING Moisture Curl Cream delivers intense moisture to the roots of the hair, keeping curls healthy from roots to ends, we recommend to apply this cream once or twice a week as too much can cause over moisturised hair which we don’t want, your curls need a balance of natural hair oils.


The UNITE 7 Seconds mask is perfect for restoring elasticity, providing intense moisture and protecting and strengthening hair, this product is for once a week use.

Follow our tips to achieve the healthiest curls this summer or all year round

Whether your hair has been subjected to excessive heat, chemical treatments or harsh styling practices, it is crucial to acknowledge the unique needs of your curls and take steps to nurture them back to their natural glory. Embracing your unique curl pattern whether its loose waves, tight coils or anything in between is a beautiful celebration of your individuality, with time, care and the right products you can rediscover the joy of healthy, bouncy curls.

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Keratin Treatment

Why you should have a keratin treatment

Keratin Treatment

Why should you have a Keratin treatment done?

Keratin is a fibrous structural protein that forms the main building block of various tissues in the human body, most notably found in our hair, nails and skin. It is a key component responsible for providing strength, structure and protection to these tissues.

Keratin treatments are designed to improve the overall health and appearance of hair, particularly for individuals dealing with frizz, dryness and damage. The keratin used in keratin hair products can help fill in the gaps in the hairs cuticle, smoothing out the surface and making it resilient to external factors such as humidity and heat.

What treatment is best for you?

At Access Hair we use the brand Alfaparf Milano and offer the following treatments:

Keratin Precision and Express Method

This three hour treatment will smooth out and eliminate frizz. Results last 4-6 months after the first treatment and will last longer as the treatment is repeated. We recommend this treatment for coarse thick hair that is untamable, and also for people who wear their hair straight, at the same time this treatment is not a permanent straightening solution.

Keratin Discipline Treatment Method

The Discipline treatment method will achieve frizzless hair that is easy to style and manage while also adding a brilliant shine to your hair, is suitable for people who want to keep the natural wave or curl in their hair while also eliminating frizz and being able to style their hair effortlessly. The treatment will take two hours and last 8-12 weeks the first time, lasting longer every time you have it done.

Keratin Lamination Treatment

This method is great for people with fine, damaged hair or for someone that has had a surgery or been on medication that affects the health of the hair.

What should you do after a Keratin treatment?

The Keratin treatment aftercare is crucial! things like using the wrong shampoo or conditioner or exposing your hair to salt water can slowly strip the treatment out of your hair, returning it to its natural state. A test was conducted on the Lisse Design Precision Method Treatment to see how long the treatment would last, results showed that the maintenance shampoo and conditioner helped results last up to four months after the first treatment.

Things to avoid:

  • Chlorine
  • Salt water
  • Hair products containing sodium chloride, parabens and sulphates
  • Prolonged sun exposure and use a UV protectant 

Make sure to:

  • Use Alfaparf Milano Maintenance Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Try not to wash your hair often, twice a week is about right using the right shampoo and conditioner

Alfaparf Milano Maintenance Shampoo & Conditioner

This combo has been specifically formulated for after the keratin  smoothing service. The shampoo and conditioner gently cleanses and detangles the hair, helping to maintain and prolong the cosmetic results obtained with the salon treatment over time.


  • Made in Italy
  • Incredibly high-performing
  • Brings the hair extra shine
  • Keeps hair protected, smooth and easy to brush
  • Helps Keratin treatments
    last longer

At Access Hair by purchasing a Keratin treatment you will receive an Alfaparf Milano Maintenance shampoo and conditioner. 

Alfaparf Keratin Serum

This serum contains Keratin and Collagen which protects hair during the use of hot styling tools and repairs damaged hair, it is specifically used after the smoothing service for this reason. It has been proven that the oil reduces breakage up to 93% and aids in the Keratin treatment lasting four months.

Apply this serum on damp hair and comb through with a wet brush then proceed with drying and you will find your hair looking and feeling soft and silky. 

Book online or give us a call to come into the salon today for a FREE consultation and one of our stylists will help you decide what keratin treatment is most beneficial for your hair.

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How to maintain shiny, healthy blonde hair

How to maintain shiny, healthy blonde hair

Maintaining your blonde hair may seem like a lot of work but, trust us, you will want to follow our advice to have your hair looking its best. It is important to note that everyone’s hair is unique and a product that works for one might not work for another, so it is best to trial and error products to build your perfect hair care routine!

Chemically treated blonde hair is prone to dryness and damage due to the lightening process, so it is crucial to follow a consistent hair care routine.

Your routine MUST include the following five key things:

1. Hydration

Use a moisturising shampoo and conditioner specifically formulated for colour treated hair to prevent dryness and maintain the vibrancy of your blonde shade.

It is essential to use quality shampoo and conditioner on blonde hair as it will help prolong the colour and prevent unwanted undertones. Prolonging blonde colour is crucial, as the more frequent you lighten your hair the more damage can occur.

Our favourite blonde hair shampoo and conditioners are:

UNITE Blonda Daily Shampoo and Conditioner

The Blonda Daily Shampoo for blondes soothes the scalp while gently cleansing hair without stripping colour or dulling highlights. It adds weightless moisture and shine and protects blonde tones and highlights.

Whilst the Blonda Conditioner contains vitamins A, E and C which hydrate, repair and protect blonde hair and highlights on both tone and no-tone days, it also contains pro-vitamin B to add volume and shine and rice proteins to strengthen and repair.

Pravana The Perfect Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner

The gentle yet powerful shampoo is specially crafted to cleanse and purify, stripping away impurities and excess oil without comprising your blonde hair. It also banishes brassiness and brightens your colour.

The purple toning conditioner cancels brassiness, neutralises and nourishes dry strands and adds shine.

2. UV Protection

Exposure to sunlight can cause your hair to become dull and brassy, shielding your hair will preserve the colour and keep it looking fresh.

Some of our favourite products with UV protection for blondes include:

UNITE 7SECONDS Leave-In Detangler

The 7SECONDS Detangler is an all in one leave-in conditioner which will have your hair looking shiny and healthy and feeling soft and moisturised. It provides UV and heat protection which works to protect colour from fading.

This is the most used styling product in our salon!

UNITE Blonda Argan Oil

This purple argan oil will create the ultimate shine while also smoothing dry and damaged ends when used on dry hair. It also protects hair from frizz, heat and UV damage when used on damp hair and reduces blowdry time.

3. Toning

Blondes will experience brassiness or yellow tones over time. To counteract this you can use a purple or blue shampoo which help to neutralise unwanted warm tones.

UNITE Blonda Toning Shampoo

Your go-to product for cancelling out any brassy tones and unwanted yellow hues often associated with blonde hair, this shampoo is to be used only as a toner and not a daily shampoo.

UNITE Blonda Fix Toning Treatment

Strengthen, brighten, tone and repair your hair with this all in one formula. This weekly blonde repairing treatment will help to keep your colour alive for longer, whilst also keeping your blonde locks looking and feeling healthy.

4. Deep Conditioning

Prioritise hydrating and nourishing your hair through deep conditioning treatments. Bleaching and lightening processes used to achieve blonde hair can strip hair of it’s natural moisture and oils and cause damage to the hair cuticle, which results in split ends and weakened hair structure.

Deep conditioning treatments infuse the hair with intense moisture, restore hydration levels and repair damage by delivering nourishing ingredients deep into the hair shaft, strengthening the strands and minimising the appearance and feel of damaged dry hair.

We recommend to deep condition at least once a week, our top three picks are:

K18 Leave-In Molecular Repair Hair Mask

The K18 Mask is a leave-in treatment that works by using advanced molecular technology to target and restore damaged areas in your hair structure. The bonds that hold your hair together could be damaged due to various factors such as heat styling, bleach, colour and chemical services.

Once the mask is applied it penetrates deep into the hair shaft, the proteins in the mask bind to the damaged areas of the hair and help rebuild its strength and elasticity, as a result of this the mask not only repairs your hair but also results in it being more resistant to future damage.

The Perfect Blonde Purple Toning Masque

This perfect quick-fix mask will freshen up unwanted brassy tones in your hair. For a longer lasting tone you would use a purple shampoo such as Pravana Perfect Blonde Toning Shampoo. 

The mask contains a blend of nourishing ingredients that work together to hydrate and moisturise blonde hair, which helps with brittleness from bleaching and colouring.

Pravana Intense Therapy Mask

Formulated with Reunite Mending Technology Malachite and Egyptian blue Lotus and loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

This mask reduces breakage by over 98% and improves manageability, smoothness, strength, shine and softness of hair.

5. Regular Trims

While finding the right products for your hair colour is important, maintaining your blonde hair goes beyond just colour. Make sure to schedule regular appointments with your hair stylist to trim off any split ends, to prevent breakage and keep your hair in its best condition.

With so many amazing products it is worth the shot to find out what works best for your colour!

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Long lasting heat-styled curls

Four steps to healthier, longer-lasting curls

Long lasting heat-styled curls

Are you in search of glamorous bouncy curls? Here are four steps to achieve them yourself at home!

Step 1: Shampoo and condition your hair in advance

Prepping your hair before using heat tools is essential for longer-lasting curls. You should wash your hair 24–48 hours before curling to ensure the curls hold and keep volume. Be sure to shampoo and condition thoroughly to remove any excess oils or product build-up that can weigh the hair down.

UNITE  BOOSTA Volumizing Shampoo

A volume enhancing shampoo formulated to gently cleanse and remove product build up that can weigh hair down. Coconut oil cleanses and protects; pro-vitamin B adds moisture and volume.


  • Daily use for fine/limp hair
  • Adds weightless body and volume
  • Delivers long lasting shine
  • Safe for extensions and chemically treated hair
  • Paraben and sulphate free
  • Vegan and cruelty free
  • Coco banana scent

Unite BOOSTA Volumizing Conditioner

A volume-enhancing conditioner formulated to hydrate, protect and shine.


  • Daily use for fine/limp hair
  • Adds long-lasting shine 
  • Keeps roots lifted
  • Provides UV protection
  • Safe for extensions and chemically treated hair
  • Paraben and sulfate free
  • Coco banana scent
  • Vegan and cruelty free

Step 2: Apply heat protection

Shield your hair from heat damage with a styling product that provides heat protection such as Unite BOOSTA Volumizing Spray. It also provides texture and grip to your hair, helping with the longevity of the curls.

UNITE BOOSTA Volumizing Spray

A styling product that builds body, adds weightless volume, enhances texture and delivers a healthy sheen finish to your hair.

  • Great for freshly washed hair ready for heat curling
  • Great for bouncy blow-dries
  • For soft fine hair that doesn’t hold curls well


  • Instant volume
  • Instant texture
  • UV protection and thermal protection
  • For fine/limp hair
  • Safe for extensions and chemically treated hair
  • Paraben free, vegan and cruelty free
  • Coco banana scent


A volumizing powder that sprinkles in, to instantly add volume, lift, grip and texture to all hair types. Sprinkle this product onto roots for instant root volume or lightly dust throughout hair for all over texture.

A small amount goes a long way!


  • For all  hair types and textures
  • Adds instant volume, texture and grip
  • Delivers a strong hold
  • Weightless and translucent
  • Safe for extensions and colour treated hair
  • Paraben free, vegan and cruelty free
  • Fragrance-free

Step 3: Blow-dry

Before curling, blow-dry your hair and smooth out all fly-aways. Then begin to divide the hair into small sections – this will be the main source of volume and will also ensure each curl is evenly formed. After curling each section, use a hairspray or texturizing spray to ensure the curls don’t drop prematurely.


A dry, translucent finishing hairspray that creates unbelievable volume and texture in your hair. It also features a matte finish and medium hold. Use this texturizer on dry hair only.


  • For all hair types and textures
  • Adds texture, volume and fullness
  • Dry and translucent
  • Provides thermal and UV protection
  • Safe for extensions and colour treated hair
  • Delivers medium, workable hold
  • Paraben free and vegan
  • Citrus floral scent

UNITE Lé:Play Hairspray

A flake-free, flexible hold hairspray that delivers a light to medium hold with a natural satin finish. Use on dry hair only.


  • For all hair types and textures
  • Medium hold
  • Workable, brushable and non flaking
  • Provides a natural, satin finish
  • Tames fly-aways
  • Provides thermal protection
  • Safe for extensions and colour treated hair
  • Paraben free, vegan and cruelty free
  • Juniper scent

UNITE Second Day Finishing Cream

A finishing cream that delivers effortless, lived-in texture that can be worn by any hair type and texture.

Use this after styling to tame any fly-aways that your Unite Lé:Play Hairspray hasn’t caught!


  • For all hair types and textures
  • Controls frizz and flyaways
  • Provides thermal and UV protection
  • Safe for extensions and colour treated hair
  • Paraben free, vegan and cruelty free
  • Vanilla bean scent

Step 4: Choose the appropriate hair curler

At Access Hair we use Evy Straightening Irons. Not only do they style hair to sleek and silky perfection, they also infuse hair with hydration and moisture to leave it looking super shiny and healthy!

Why use a straightener and not a curler you ask? Straighteners hold a higher temperature, you can achieve many more looks than using a curling iron.

Both the 1-inch and 1.5-inch are available for purchase in our salon and online. Curling with a thick or thin straightener lies in the size and type of curls you want and the type of hair you have e.g. thick, fine, coarse. A narrow plate would be suitable for someone with short or fine hair and the wide plate is suitable for someone with long or thick hair. 


  • 24-carat gold infused plate, for smoother glide and deeper hydration
  • 3-strip plate design for even tension and faster results
  • Digital temperature control from 130 to 210 degrees
  • Automatic shut-off function after 60 minutes
  • Metal ceramic heater for faster heating
  • 3-metre professional cord

Evy 1-Inch

  • Narrow plates
  • Creates tight, defined curls, waves or flips
  • Useful for achieving ringlets or spiral curls as it provides more control and precision 
  •  Suitable for fine or short hair

Evy 1.5-Inch

  • Wide plates
  • Ideal for creating loose, relaxed curls or waves
  • Allows you to create larger sections at a time, resulting in larger voluminous curls
  • Suitable for those who prefer softer, more natural looking curls or waves
  • Suitable for people with thick, coarse or long hair
  • Can cover more hair in each pass

By preparing your hair and using the right products and tools you can enjoy gorgeous long-lasting curls that will turn heads wherever you go! Just a few simple steps can minimise damage and maximise the longevity of your heat-styled curls.

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Managing your dry scalp this winter

Managing your dry scalp this winter

Why is my scalp so dry this winter?

As the air becomes dry during the winter months many people experience dryness and flakiness on their scalps. This can be uncomfortable, itchy and even embarrassing for some.

There are several reasons why your scalp could be dry, including:

  • Environmental factors include frequent exposure to hot or cold temperatures, dry indoor air, or harsh chemicals in hair products can strip your scalp of its natural oils, leading to dryness and irritation. 
  • Genetics may also play a role, as some people naturally produce less oil on their scalp.
  • Lifestyle habits such as a poor diet, excessive alcohol consumption or stress can contribute to dryness and flakiness.

The importance of using the right hair products

Using a shampoo and conditioner that suits the current state of your scalp is essential!

A dry scalp means that you will need to be using a moisturising shampoo and conditioner that helps to restore the natural oils and moisture in your scalp as well as add moisture. Using the wrong products can lead to issues such as dryness, breakage and scalp irritation.

For example:

  • Using a shampoo that is too harsh for your hair type can strip your hair of its natural oils, leading to dry and brittle hair. 
  • Using a heavy conditioner on fine or oily hair can weigh it down and make it look greasy.

By choosing the right products you can help prevent issues such as dandruff, breakage and hair loss!

DeLorenzo Scalp Balance Range

Our best selling dry scalp solution!

DeLorenzo Scalp Balance is a range of hair care products designed to alleviate dry, itchy and flaky scalps. With regular use this range can help maintain a healthy and balanced scalp, promoting strong, shiny and beautiful hair. 

  • Free from harsh chemicals such as sulphates, parabens and artificial fragrances
  • Gentle and suitable for all hair types (including colour treated hair)
  • Formulated with natural ingredients such as aloe vera, chamomile and green tea extract, these ingredients have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that nourish and protect the scalp
  • Balances scalp pH levels
  • Soothes irritation/itching
  • Restores moisture
  • Restores flaky scalp

7SECONDS Moisturising Shampoo and Conditioner by UNITE

UNITE’S award-winning 7SECONDS Shampoo and Conditioner are moisture-enriched and cleanses and protects hair from UV rays, thermal damage and colour fading.

We absolutely love this combo. It’s great for medium to coarse/thick hair types. It smells so fresh and clean and leaves the hair feeling moisturised yet weightless.

  • Locks in and protects colour
  • Instant results for all hair types
  • Adds lasting shine
  • Weightless formula is moisture-enriched
  • Colour-safe with no added sulphates, parabens or sodium chloride

7SECONDS Leave-in Detangler

Most of the time styling our hair involves heat, which contributes to dryness. If you are heat styling it is a MUST to use a heat protectant – 7SECONDS Leave-in Detangler is the way to go!

If you asked us what product we can’t live without then this would be it. Anybody who is a client at my salon will know that we use this by the bucketload! It’s the best detangler I have ever used.

7SECONDS Leave-in Detangler seals the cuticle and protects from heat and UV so it prevents colour fading and oxidation plus tangles are gone and moisture is restored!

  • Must-have prep for all hair types
  • Instantly detangles
  • Perfect balance of moisture and proteins
  • Repairs, locks in colour and strengthens
  • Thermal and UV protector

ReNeu Scalp Therapy

ReNeu Scalp Therapy is the right product if you are looking to remove visible flakiness or any uncomfortable itchiness you are experiencing  on your scalp.

  • Gentle exfoliator formulated for all hair and scalp types
  • Removes product and mineral buildup
  • Lavender stem extract helps calm scalp and reduces itching
  • Pea sprout extract stimulates scalp and hair
  • Bamboo stem powder helps exfoliate dead skin cells
  • Bau laurel leaf extract helps reduce scalp irritation & flaking caused by dandruff and dry scalp skin
ReNeu Scalp Therapy Exfoliator

What you can do to keep your scalp healthy

  • Brush your hair thoroughly every week
  • Brushing just before washing really helps distribute the natural oils in your scalp
  • Exfoliate your scalp using ReNeu Scalp Therapy
  • Wash your hair a maximum of twice a week — more frequently washing will cause dry brittle hair
  • Follow a healthy diet or take the right supplements if you aren’t able to consume the vitamins you need through food
  • Consume enough water daily will help prevent dryness and itchiness on the scalp
  • Use good quality, moisturising shampoo and conditioner such as 7SECONDS 

Why not come in for a consultation today?

If YOU have a dry flaky scalp come in today for a FREE consultation to determine what products your hair needs to keep it looking and feeling great!

The possibilities are only limited to your imagination!