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How to maintain shiny, healthy blonde hair

Maintaining your blonde hair may seem like a lot of work but, trust us, you will want to follow our advice to have your hair looking its best. It is important to note that everyone’s hair is unique and a product that works for one might not work for another, so it is best to trial and error products to build your perfect hair care routine!

Chemically treated blonde hair is prone to dryness and damage due to the lightening process, so it is crucial to follow a consistent hair care routine.

Your routine MUST include the following five key things:

1. Hydration

Use a moisturising shampoo and conditioner specifically formulated for colour treated hair to prevent dryness and maintain the vibrancy of your blonde shade.

It is essential to use quality shampoo and conditioner on blonde hair as it will help prolong the colour and prevent unwanted undertones. Prolonging blonde colour is crucial, as the more frequent you lighten your hair the more damage can occur.

Our favourite blonde hair shampoo and conditioners are:

UNITE Blonda Daily Shampoo and Conditioner

The Blonda Daily Shampoo for blondes soothes the scalp while gently cleansing hair without stripping colour or dulling highlights. It adds weightless moisture and shine and protects blonde tones and highlights.

Whilst the Blonda Conditioner contains vitamins A, E and C which hydrate, repair and protect blonde hair and highlights on both tone and no-tone days, it also contains pro-vitamin B to add volume and shine and rice proteins to strengthen and repair.

Pravana The Perfect Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner

The gentle yet powerful shampoo is specially crafted to cleanse and purify, stripping away impurities and excess oil without comprising your blonde hair. It also banishes brassiness and brightens your colour.

The purple toning conditioner cancels brassiness, neutralises and nourishes dry strands and adds shine.

2. UV Protection

Exposure to sunlight can cause your hair to become dull and brassy, shielding your hair will preserve the colour and keep it looking fresh.

Some of our favourite products with UV protection for blondes include:

UNITE 7SECONDS Leave-In Detangler

The 7SECONDS Detangler is an all in one leave-in conditioner which will have your hair looking shiny and healthy and feeling soft and moisturised. It provides UV and heat protection which works to protect colour from fading.

This is the most used styling product in our salon!

UNITE Blonda Argan Oil

This purple argan oil will create the ultimate shine while also smoothing dry and damaged ends when used on dry hair. It also protects hair from frizz, heat and UV damage when used on damp hair and reduces blowdry time.

3. Toning

Blondes will experience brassiness or yellow tones over time. To counteract this you can use a purple or blue shampoo which help to neutralise unwanted warm tones.

UNITE Blonda Toning Shampoo

Your go-to product for cancelling out any brassy tones and unwanted yellow hues often associated with blonde hair, this shampoo is to be used only as a toner and not a daily shampoo.

UNITE Blonda Fix Toning Treatment

Strengthen, brighten, tone and repair your hair with this all in one formula. This weekly blonde repairing treatment will help to keep your colour alive for longer, whilst also keeping your blonde locks looking and feeling healthy.

4. Deep Conditioning

Prioritise hydrating and nourishing your hair through deep conditioning treatments. Bleaching and lightening processes used to achieve blonde hair can strip hair of it’s natural moisture and oils and cause damage to the hair cuticle, which results in split ends and weakened hair structure.

Deep conditioning treatments infuse the hair with intense moisture, restore hydration levels and repair damage by delivering nourishing ingredients deep into the hair shaft, strengthening the strands and minimising the appearance and feel of damaged dry hair.

We recommend to deep condition at least once a week, our top three picks are:

K18 Leave-In Molecular Repair Hair Mask

The K18 Mask is a leave-in treatment that works by using advanced molecular technology to target and restore damaged areas in your hair structure. The bonds that hold your hair together could be damaged due to various factors such as heat styling, bleach, colour and chemical services.

Once the mask is applied it penetrates deep into the hair shaft, the proteins in the mask bind to the damaged areas of the hair and help rebuild its strength and elasticity, as a result of this the mask not only repairs your hair but also results in it being more resistant to future damage.

The Perfect Blonde Purple Toning Masque

This perfect quick-fix mask will freshen up unwanted brassy tones in your hair. For a longer lasting tone you would use a purple shampoo such as Pravana Perfect Blonde Toning Shampoo. 

The mask contains a blend of nourishing ingredients that work together to hydrate and moisturise blonde hair, which helps with brittleness from bleaching and colouring.

Pravana Intense Therapy Mask

Formulated with Reunite Mending Technology Malachite and Egyptian blue Lotus and loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

This mask reduces breakage by over 98% and improves manageability, smoothness, strength, shine and softness of hair.

5. Regular Trims

While finding the right products for your hair colour is important, maintaining your blonde hair goes beyond just colour. Make sure to schedule regular appointments with your hair stylist to trim off any split ends, to prevent breakage and keep your hair in its best condition.

With so many amazing products it is worth the shot to find out what works best for your colour!