Invisibobble Sprunchie – Purrfection


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Invisibobble Sprunchie Scrunchie – Purrfection

Pack Contains 1 Scrunchie

Invisibobble Purrfection is a retro scrunchie that contains a traceless spiral hair tie on the inside.

Because of its hidden spiral structure, this scrunchie doesn’t create any kinks or tangles in your hair.

It provides a strong yet comfortable hold for daily use, allowing you to create and switch up your hairstyle throughout the day.

The perfect companion for every occasion, this must-have accessory can also double as a bracelet when you’re not wearing it on your hair.


Luxurious fabric finish feels comfortable and soft on the hair.

Hidden spiral shape leaves no trace in the hair after removal.

Longer lifespan than a classic scrunchie.

How to use

Use invisibobble Sprunchie Purrfection to style your hair like you would use any classic hair tie.

Alternatively, wear it as a bracelet.

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